Elements of Peace

Month: July 2016

How Do You Turn Lemons into Lemonade?

When life gives you lemons

Ever had a week when things weren’t going as seamless as you anticipated? Well that my friends, is the type of week I’ve been experiencing these past few days. I returned from a fabulous vacation a week ago and I’m still supposed to be riding that wave of euphoria. My head is still supposed to […] Read more…

Life is a Carnival

Carnival Cruise to Nassau Bahamas

Yeah, life is a carnival cruise, that is. While the world was at work last Thursday, I was heading down to Port Canaveral towards a boatload of fun. Here, I boarded the Carnival Victory which was headed to the Bahamas, for a quick vacation and to celebrate my friend’s birthday. This was my first time cruising so I was […] Read more…

Power in Choices: Choose the Life You Want

Choose the Life You Want: 101 Ways to Create Your Own Road to Happiness is a book written by Tal Ben-Shahar. He is an entrepreneur, and lecturer in addition to writing best-selling books in positive psychology. Choose the Life You Want… emphasizes the notion that we have choices in every thing that we do . Our perceptions and the choices we […] Read more…